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With Hybrid Meetings, you can utilize a single customized platform for all your virtual communications including meetings, one-to-one communications and webinars. 

No need for an assortment of technology solutions and multiple licenses—you get one platform that bears your branding and the specific functionality you need to communicate easily and effectively in real time.

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Preferred by pharma & healthcare for one-on-ones, online meetings, training sessions, and conferences. Learn more.

Take online meetings & training sessions to the next level with state-of-the-art web conferencing. Learn more.

Ideal for one-on-ones, online meetings, training sessions, and courseware. Learn more.

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Deliver real-time virtual communications services all under your own brand, through Collaborative Marketing Solutions’ partner network.

Offering our fully compliant and customizable platform, you can give your customers high quality virtual tools that reflect your brand’s look and feel!

  • Attract and appeal to customers with unique offerings and be the company of choice  
  • Offering digital tools and resources attracts new and returning customers  
  • Use technology to build rapport and trust with customers while supporting your brand  
  • Giving an enhanced user experience makes you memorable and the preferred option for personal interaction  
  • Being customer-centric requires offering more of what they need and making it easy to do more

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